Sussex has the potential to make your beef herd more profitable. There are advantages whether you farm extensively or more intensively. As they are medium-early maturing, they are very suitable for crossbreeding, especially with indigenous breeds. Sussex prepotency ensures that crossbred calves attain better wean weights and capacity. They are renowned for their calm temperament – requiring less labour. Sussex are very versatile animals that adapt everywhere in Southern Africa. Sussex ensures Success.


You do not have to look further than SUSSEX! The $ X brand is used by the Society on all bulls after they have been inspected and approved for sale. The Society is so serious about the use of the brand that the actual branding irons are only allowed to be used by Senior Inspectors; as registered by the Sussex Society; in different parts of the country. This serves to reassure buyers that bulls with the $ X brand are registered animals and have been approved by Sussex Senior Inspectors.


They are quiet and easy to manage, which is a real benefit in modern times when good labour is scarce. They have won many block tests and are sought after by feedlots. Sussex has a blocky conformation with a medium-large frame.Their even dark brown coats are much improved over earlier years – smooth in summer with a relatively short dense coat in winter.

Polled Sussex

Recent years have also seen the emergence of polled Sussex in South Africa. About 70 years ago breeders in the UK began to develop polled lines, with subsequent exports of breeding material to Australia. Twenty years ago SA stud breeders, in turn, bought polled breeding material from Western Australia, and more recently semen from two British polled bulls have been imported.