Stotterheim Sussex Stud

Stotterheim Stud near Ida in the Indwe District has been a leading Sussex stud for many years. Owned by Trevor Stotter, the herd of around 400 registered animals provides sought- after genetics to stud breeders and commercial producers country-wide.

Since the early 1990’s when the first animals were purchased from Bosworth (12 females), and together with another 28 cows from The Start, the emphasis has been on running the stud under the same conditions as commercial animals. In other words they get no special treatment and overwinter on a lick on the veld. Cows only receive hay after calving in August. The veld (mixed sourveld) includes 800ha of mountainous grazing that needs animals that walk well and to be able to cope with steep terrain.

This area experiences very severe red water outbreaks of both African and Asiatic strains. Gallsickness is also common in the area. The aim is to breed cattle that have developed reasonable immunity to redwater as far as possible.

Young bulls receive only a lick in the first winter. In summer they receive 1kg Supermol on green grass and are then fed for 70-90 days with a high energy concentrate before they are sold at two years old. However, these young animals continue growing in their 3 rd year until mature.

The most important criteria in stud bulls produced by Stotterheim is depth, followed by a good milk index out of fertile cows, and good bone. The bulls are guaranteed for a period of 6 months after sale. Bulls and some females are sold each year at the Stotterheim production sale held on the farm at the end of August each year.

Sussex Stotterheim Diamond South Africa

Stotterheim Diamond

Contact details:

Trevor Stotter: 082 446-5810