Mountain Shadows Sussex

Mountain Shadows stud is owned by Johan du Randt who began breeding registered Sussex in the early 2000’s. The herd is run on two farms in the Tsomo Valley in the Elliot District of the E. Cape. The conditions are fairly harsh with occasional redwater tick and gallsickness challenges, but which results in a type of animal which is easily capable of adapting to different areas.

The first 16 females originated from Avoca stock with occasional purchases of proven cows from studs like Stotterheim, and Mampudi. Bulls from Faurzyl, Stotterheim, Eversar and Avoca have been used in the past. In recent years some of Johan’s own bulls from Mountain Shadow lines have been used in the stud with great success. The herd now numbers 100 stud animals that are run under the same conditions as his commercial cattle.

The type that Johan du Randt breeds is medium frame with depth and muscling. A lot of attention is paid to breeding animals with good walking ability and a strong constitution.

Each year approximately 10 -15 bulls are offered for sale in September each year at the Toll Inn near Aliwal North, with some animals being available off the farm. Breeders from as far as Britstown in the Northern Cape and Southern Free State have been buyers of Mountain Shadows bulls.


Johan du Randt
084 880 8920