Dancel Stud

Farm Wiese is situated in central Namibia only 150km South East of Windhoek on route to Uhlenhorst. The farm has extensice variety of different pastures, vegetation and terrain. From red dunes, open plains and vast grasslands to rugged mountain terrain. Cold temperatures as low as -10'C in winter and as high as +40'C in summer are not uncommon. Due to the low average yearly rainfall of 250mm the Sussex breed is the ideal livestock for economic breeding.

We have been farming since 1992 with commercially cross bred cattle and only used Sussex bulls on the herds. Due to the great success and improvement realized in cross breeding with Sussex bulls, the Dancel Sussex Zucht (Stud) was established in 2007. The stud was build up from only 15 stud heifers bought to a stud of 346 Sussex cows and bulls. Semen was collected under quarantine from Renaissance (AJS110007) and is internationally available on request.

We are producing our own Dancel Sussex Camelt(horn) polled line with the first calves born in 2016. Bulls and heifers are available directly from the farm or on the Paresis auction.

In 2016 we were awarded the Presidents Trophy for best progress made, advertising done and bookkeeping of any, and all, Sussex studs in Southern Africa.

Breeding success with Sussex!

Owner: Werner & Renate Bader
Farm Wiese
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