Blema ba Kan Sussex cattle Stud South Africa

Blema ba Kan Sussex Cattle Stud overview

A word from the owner of Blema ba Kan Sussex cattle Stud:

In my professional capacity as mining engineer, my family and I have spent several years in Mali – West Africa. During this time, I observed the total dedication in which the local Bambara cattle herdsmen tended to their cattle herds in harsh, extensive conditions. This dedication… being driven by their love for their animals and the absolute reliance on the cattle for their own survival. “Blema ba Kan” is the local Bambara name for “Red Cattle”… and we have adopted this name for our Sussex stud, due to our own unrelenting dedication in caring for our animals under harsh, extensive conditions, where we expect them to thrive – measuring their progress through meticulous record keeping and associated performance monitoring.

The stud is operated on the farm Goedehoop, +/- 15km East of Kroonstad, on the banks of the Vals River. The herd is still in building phase, with the basis consisting of females obtained from the Rosevalley / Zonex and Niekersrust total dispersal sales and more recently some excellent cows from Eversar, Mampudi and Faurzyl. The bulls we are using have been carefully selected to breed top quality replacement heifers – in order to build our own superior breeding stock, with some very good off-spring now starting to enter our production pipeline.

We are selecting ruthlessly for fertility, milk and efficiency – with all the stud cows not only having to compete in the Breeders Associations’ rigorous selection processes, but also having to earn their place on the farm, competing against their highly adapted Afrex / Beefmaster commercial peers.

Our stud has made good progress during its five year of existence, with us receiving the “Sussex Herd of the Year” award for 2015. This award underpins our vision of producing fertile, efficient animals under extensive and harsh conditions, which will be able to thrive in commercial systems across South Africa. We are also very proud of our Bull – GBK1312 (IRFAAN), who competed in the ARC’s Special Performance Test Class at Pretoria during September 2015, with a very impressive Phase C – growth test performance.

We always have excellent, young, SP bulls available – for sale, directly from the farm or at selected breeding stock auctions during the year.

Owner: Junior Keyser
083 387 6775